Katrina Grech

Katrina Grech

Chief Operations Officer, Mdina Partners

Katrina currently occupies the role of Chief Operations Officer at Mdina Partners.

Katrina has spent 7 years in a reputable telecommunications company supporting contact centres, sales, and management teams. She designed and delivered a wide range of training programmes and was involved in talent management, call centre upskilling, leadership and development programmes as well as product launches and sales training.

Katrina is an avid learner herself. Whilst reading her MSc in Work Psychology with the University of London, she focused on the use of technology to support the needs of different generational learners. She has also received training in Italy on using technology for learning and followed an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Innovation with the University of Strathclyde and MIM.

Katrina insists that her year out of solo travelling in Asia and Australia taught her the most and she brings this love for discovery and openness to cultures to the training room.  Katrina’s experience adds value to learning as she applies experiential learning while ensuring all sessions are interactive, explorative, relevant and fun.

Katrina was also the Director of Operations for Business Leaders Malta where she was involved in both the setting up of the Centre of Finance within the Academy as well as supporting business development of the Employee Research function of the organisation Esprimi. Through Esprimi, Katrina was also involved in the research on different generational employee trends in Malta. This led her to the presentation of this research in conferences addressed for senior business leaders and HR professionals.


Katrina continues to learn by following a Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. She has remained an active trainer and coach throughout her career, currently lecturing in HR and leadership programmes. She currently occupies the role of Chief Operations Officer at Mdina Partners.