We're committed to
quality excellence.

CMBS is adamant about having a robust quality assurance system. Since its inception, the business school has collaborated with international accrediting bodies that have helped to raise the bar on an ongoing basis in this respect. The effects of keeping a QA culture helped to make sure that we were able to scale up without compromising the quality education we aim to deliver to all our students. 

Just as our body needs oxygen to obtain energy to fuel all our living processes, so does the QA system fuel all our operations to be a learning institution of choice.  To keep up with the analogy of the body, the QA of CMBS is not the process of one single organ but the combined efforts of the leadership, operations and education teams each of which have respective roles & responsibilities that complete our QA which is led by the IQA committee.

We're all for integrity.

We strongly believe in academic integrity and honesty. For this reason, CMBS is subscribed to Unicheck which enables us to check work submitted against plagiarism.

quality promise integrity

We live for inclusion.

Our business school supports students during their learning journey in different ways. Our team is always available to assist applicants and students as necessary. Once enrolled, every student has access to our Learning Management System through which they may download course material such as PowerPoint presentations, course notes, tutorial support documents, etc. Students may also avail themselves from our onsite library and depending on the course the student is enrolled in they will have access to a wealth of resources. 

We stand for equality.

CMBS is committed to promote equality of opportunity by fostering an atmosphere of mutual harmony and respect among all its potential and existing students and staff regardless of their age, disability, gender, race, nationality or ethnic origin, marital status, civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, age, learning difficulty, religion, political belief/other personal beliefs, sexual orientation or gender reassignment. 

quality promise equality

We practice what
we preach.

Quality assurance is present in everything we do, from our staff to our curriculum board and teaching staff. At CMBS, students are taught by leading industry experts who are not only subject experts but also great educators.

All our tutors are vetted. We have a very rigorous selection process set in place to ensure that we hire only the most driven and dedicated tutors to teach and guide our students.

We work closely with our tutors every step of the way to ensure that students receive outstanding subject-specific guidance and advice at every stage of their learning journey.