Award in Corporate Governance and Ethics

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The Award in Corporate Governance and Ethics delves into the most significant legal issues related to corporate governance worldwide. It analyses the impact of corporate governance theories on society and the business community. The programme focuses on the overall corporate governance debate, along with the various solutions that have emerged from it. It examines several scenarios that illustrate how the adoption of unethical corporate governance practices has led to the violation of fundamental rights and had a negative impact on both the corporate world and society at large.

This certification equips learners with the necessary knowledge, competencies and autonomy to comply with corporate governance standards, understand corporate governance theories, oversee the role of internal and external stakeholders in corporate governance and corporate social responsibility within organisations, monitor the impact of adopting inadequate or unethical corporate governance practices and develop governance solutions. Learners will learn how to:

  • Reflect upon the significance of corporate governance theories and their limitations and interpret corporate governance solutions in light of their social and historical context
  • Critically analyse the characteristics of strategic, operational and tactical levels of organisations
  • Identify and assess the need for organisations to comply with standards of corporate governance
  • Critically evaluate and analyse a variety of ethical dilemmas to corporate governance issues
  • Apply theory to practice such as Mintzberg’s components of the organisation
  • Apply the practice and implementation of corporate governance, including board structure and independence, to various business organisations worldwide
  • Explain different ways in which organisations may be structured
  • Critically assess the role of various committees within organisations of different types, as well as the nature and the structure of such committees
  • Evaluate the role of corporate governance and ethics in the internal control, review and compliance functions in business



Awarding Body

This qualification is awarded by Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS).

Accrediting Body

This qualification is accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority. MFHEA deems this Award in Performance Managementto be at Level 5 in the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for the programme, candidates must hold any one of the following requirements:

  • MQF Level 4 qualification in accountancy, finance or a relevant field
  • Matriculation certificate with passes in at least 2 A-levels and 3 Intermediates
  • Matsec certificate with 4 passes at Grade 5 or better in accounts, english, mathematics and any other subject
  • Relevant work experience in a relevant field

Non-native English speakers must also have an English qualification such as CEFR or IELTS 5.5.

Mode of Assessment

The Award in Corporate Governance and Ethics will be assessed through an exam, an individual project and a reflective journal. 

Who is this course for?

This programme is intended for those who are aged 18+ and aspire to work or are already working in the finance field.




This programme will be delivered in English.


Key Info


2 Months





Full Price (EU Students)

Up to €697 refunded via the Get Qualified Scheme.

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