Learners University College

Learners University College

Learners University College is a globally recognised institution spread across the MENA region. LUC envisions a world where education leads to transformative action in business and careers, providing a unique, practical and transformative education experience that prioritises real-world skills.

About Learners University College

LUC’s approach to learning is unconventional. It believes in the power of experiential learning, focusing on what students can do in the real world rather than just the theories they study. LUC prides itself on an educational philosophy that encourages students to learn by doing.

LUC graduates don’t just thrive in their careers; they inspire transformation in their organisations and their communities, driving progress that resonates across the globe.


CMBS Approved Learning Centre

LUC is a CMBS Approved Learning Centre.

The CMBS Approved Learning Centre programme gives formal recognition to leading learning providers like LUC for the quality tuition and support that they offer.

Our Approved Learning Centres demonstrate that they meet our performance targets, representing global best practice in the provision of CMBS course tuition and support.


CMBS Programmes Offered by LUC

LUC offers a range of CMBS awarded programmes: