Martin Borg

Founder and CEO, Edu Alliance

Martin is a creative and a critical realist, with a strong passion for education and training. 

Martin has occupied several educational leadership positions in Malta including that of CEO of NCFHE (Malta’s regulatory body for further and higher education), Director for Apprenticeship and Work-Based Learning, Director of Studies, Director for Curriculum Development and Management, EU Project(s) Leader, Deputy Director and Senior Lecturer at MCAST, ITS and University of Malta. 

Martin is a Mathematics and Physics graduate, with a BSc (Hons) and MSc in Sustainable Development. Currently reading for his doctorate at Edinburgh Business School focusing on International Business & Management with a direct focus on quality in education and training and foreign direct investment. 

Apart from work, he is passionate about fitness, sports (in particular football), wellbeing, travelling and am an avid reader.