AI and the Future of Education: A Vision from CMBS

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than a buzzword; it is a disruptive force impacting industries worldwide, including education. At the Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS), we are active participants in the AI revolution, using AI in our educational practices to improve learning experiences and outcomes. 

The CMBS Approach to AI-Powered Personalised Learning 

The ability of AI to customise learning is a game changer. It lets us personalise educational material to each student’s needs, learning style, and speed. At CMBS, we’re developing an Erasmus project that will employ AI-powered adaptive learning platforms to tailor resources and activities to each student’s learning curve, offering tailored resources and tasks that cater to their strengths and address their weaknesses.  

Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Improving Student Support  

AI is transforming student support with advanced tutoring tools. These AI-powered solutions can provide students with additional support outside the classroom, answering questions and providing answers around the clock. At CMBS, we are investigating the integration of such systems to give our students 24/7 academic help, ensuring that they may overcome difficulties in their learning path quickly and effectively. 

Improving Learning Outcomes Through Data-Driven Insights 

The power of AI to examine massive volumes of data can provide significant insights into student performance and learning outcomes. At CMBS, we intend to use AI-powered analytics to track student progress, identify areas for development, and forecast future performance. This will allow us to intervene more proactively, giving additional support as needed and improving our students’ academic progress. 

Preparing Students for an AI-Driven World 

We are committed to educating our students for a future in which AI is omnipresent as we integrate AI into our teaching practices. We intend to incorporate AI-related themes into our curriculum to ensure that our students comprehend the consequences of AI, critically analyse AI systems, and apply AI tools in their respective professions. 

The Difficulties of AI Integration 

While AI has enormous potential, it also poses limitations. One of the most pressing concerns is defining who is liable for any damage produced by an AI-powered product or service. At CMBS, we are dedicated to developing a framework for the ethical governance of AI, ensuring that our use of this technology is transparent, responsible, and respectful of the rights and freedoms of individuals. 


We are thrilled about the revolutionary potential of AI in education at CMBS. We are dedicated to utilising this technology to provide our students with an extraordinary, customised learning experience, preparing them for a future in which AI is a fundamental part of daily life. We encourage you to join us as we traverse this path. How do you see AI influencing the future of education? 


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