CMBS Announces Strategic Partnership with Learners University College in UAE 

In a visionary move, Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS), Malta’s leading institute for advanced professional development, has sealed an integral partnership with Learners University College (LUC) in the United Arab Emirates. This strategic collaboration endeavours to further internationalise CMBS’s footprint, specifically within the dynamic landscape of the UAE, unlocking a plethora of academic and business synergies.

Since its inception in late 2013, CMBS has been a beacon of excellence, enlightening professionals with vital industry knowledge, evolving skill sets, and fostering untapped potential. Their track record boasts over 1,000 students who have successfully charted their academic and professional trajectories thanks to CMBS’s transformative courses.

In the words of Morgan Parnis, Executive Chair and CEO of CMBS, “Our alliance with LUC is a testament to CMBS’s commitment to global collaboration and academic excellence. We are thrilled to combine our strengths with LUC, a renowned institute in the UAE. This partnership is poised to redefine professional and academic landscapes across borders.”

Rejin Rajan, Director of Sales and Marketing at LUC, UAE adds, “Learners University College, UAE is proud of the opportunity to collaborate with CMBS. The Management team of CMBS have gone the extra mile in making this relationship a reality and we are determined to place CMBS as a Business School of choice amongst working professionals in the Middle East. The diverse course offerings of CMBS are aligned with the post-pandemic industry demands. This empowers our students with a portfolio of skills giving them a competitive edge upon graduation..”

Central Mediterranean Business School’s academic portfolio spans many sectors, offering world-class instruction in leadership, management, organisational behaviour, and many more.

Together, CMBS and LUC will forge a new chapter, enabling LUC students to access the CMBS Work Based Learning (WBL) MBA, a highly sought-after programme. Work Based Learning programmes are essential in today’s competitive professional landscape. They offer students a pragmatic approach to learning, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, cultivating practical skills and enhancing their employability. CMBS qualifications are accredited by the MFHEA and are mapped to the European Accreditation Framework which adds an additional layer of prestige, ensuring that the curriculum meets the highest international standards, and graduates are well-prepared to thrive in global markets.

“Together, we strive to provide a transformative learning experience that prepares students for success in their academic pursuits and future career”, concluded Rejin Rajan.



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