CMBS Paves the Way for Future Work-Oriented Education

On June 21, leading further and higher education institution Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS) brought together over forty thought leaders, industry experts, business professionals and educators to meet and exchange value and lay the groundwork for the future of education and work at its Industry on Campus Business Breakfast Meeting in Zebbug. 

Focusing on the relationship between business agility and upskilling, the event addressed the various challenges industry is facing when it comes to finding talent and called for the start of a conversation between educators and industry experts to explore ways how the two can come together to bridge the skills gap and prepare future generations for the global job market.  

“Our mission at CMBS is to actively shape the future of education by ensuring our curricula are relevant and our teaching methodologies are redesigned to prepare students for the dynamic job market. The Industry on Campus Business Breakfast Meeting provided a platform for industry professionals, educators, and thought leaders to engage in meaningful conversations, driving innovation and bridging the skills gap. By fostering collaboration between business leaders and educators, we are committed to creating an environment where learning becomes an integral part of everyday work. CMBS is dedicated to empowering our students, alumni, and professionals with industry-driven qualifications that make them truly industry ready.” explained Morgan Parnis, CEO of CMBS.  

The event commenced with a networking reception, followed by a panel discussion moderated by CMBS Executive Chair & CEO Morgan Parnis. Esteemed panelists, Joe Tanti, CEO of Malta Business Bureau, and Mark Bugeja, Head of HR at Nectar, shared their invaluable insights, contributing to a dynamic and comprehensive dialogue that deepened the audience’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the current business and education landscapes.

Joe Tanti, commended CMBS for its commitment to reinvent the future of work and education, stating, “The traditional education model is not fit for purpose in today’s business environment. We need to keep reinventing the future of work and the role of education in shaping it. I am delighted to see that CMBS is continuously looking for new approaches to boost industry-academia collaboration, particularly the Sites of Learning initiative – put simply, taking education directly to the workplace.”

Mark Bugeja took the platform to share his insights on why a career in the FMCG sector is an excellent choice, offering abundant opportunities to work with renowned brands, acquire valuable learning experiences, and enjoy competitive remuneration packages and how bespoke qualifications are helping employees at Nectar bridge the gap to be professionals in this industry.

The panel discussion was followed by a series of focus groups in which forum discussions revolving around the challenges and benefits of employee training and development took place. These discussions covered several topics, such as strategies for motivating employees, the significance of follow-ups during training and the role of leaders in fostering growth and offering opportunities.

This business meeting will be one of many for CMBS. The business school is committed to facilitate an ongoing dialogue to promote knowledge exchange and empower business leaders and educators to work together to incorporate learning into everyday work practices. 

Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS) is a renowned local education institution dedicated to providing professionals with exceptional opportunities to enhance their awareness of industry issues, acquire the skills necessary to adapt to today’s dynamic landscape, and unlock their potential through relevant, cutting-edge, industry-driven qualifications. Since its establishment in 2013, CMBS has been at the forefront of education in Malta, continuously striving to redefine the future of work and education through innovative approaches and strong industry-academia collaboration. Learn more at www.cmbs.edu.mt

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