cmbs reinventing education seminar

CMBS’ Reinventing Education Seminar proposes a new model for learning

On September 23, we at CMBS proposed a case for rethinking and reinventing learning and education for the future of work during our first ever Reinventing Education for Industry Seminar which took place at our very own Business Leaders Hub in Zebbug.

At the heart of the discussion lay work-based learning, a successful hybrid education model and a modern educational strategy that CMBS itself is spearheading locally through nine work-based learning MBAs which it introduced earlier on during the year. This new and innovative learning model integrates the curriculum with the workplace to create a more collaborative, experiential, and hands-on learning environment for students.

“Learning happens constantly and the place of work can be an ideal venue for learning. Identifying the conditions for quality learning at the place of work is, ultimately, one of the main activities. It is within this context that our discussion with industry leaders and educators ensued. I have no doubt to my mind that the world of work and education can be combined to create meaningful synergies which allow individuals to learn, develop and contribute to the world around them,” stated Martin Borg, Director of Work-based Learning, Curriculum and Professional Development.

Featuring a panel discussion moderated by CMBS Work-based Learning Director Martin Borg, and led by Konnekt CEO Josef Said, Farsons HR Head Mariella Galea, Baxter Senior Manager (HR) Psaila Matt and CMBS CEO Morgan Paris, the event explored opportunities to redefine the role of education in supporting experiential and hands-on learning that is more in line with the demands of the industry and more resilient to shifts in the ever-changing business landscape.

“As a business school, we have always worked closely with industry leaders and employers to provide learners with structured and relevant education that is in perfect harmony with the demands of the industry and the changing world. The introduction of work-based learning only reinforces our goal to bring the industry and education closer together,” said Morgan Parnis, CEO, Central Mediterranean Business School.

In 2021, CMBS was the first education institution in Malta to introduce a series of work-based learning MBAs. To date, the business school offers nine work-based MBAs in administration, HR, sports, education, transport, construction, culture, healthcare and finance. The school is now also working on introducing a number of other work-based learning qualifications, including degrees, diplomas and awards.

“Future-proofing education with models such as work-based learning presents the local education landscape with an opportunity to further empower its students, spark innovation and strengthen the connections between the campus, industry and community as a whole. Employers speak of a skills gap that pre-existing education models fail to address. Work-based learning simply serves as the perfect antidote to that divide. Simply put, the benefits are endless”, concluded CMBS CEO Morgan Parnis.


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