We’ve rebranded to Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS)

It’s official – we’ve rebranded from Academy of Business Leaders to Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS). The unveiling of the new name and logo forms part of a larger initiative by our ambitious school as we transition to a fully-fledged business school, explore new avenues for education and set out on a path to further growth and internationalisation.

“Much like everything else in this world, education is not static and that is why at the heart of everything we do lies this drive to continuously improve, realign, upgrade, innovate and revolutionise our institution, our strategies, our course offerings, the curricula and the overall way we approach education” — Morgan Parnis, CEO of Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS).

Our business school was launched in 2013 out of the need to bridge the gap between industry and academia and the aspiration to empower learners and develop the leaders of tomorrow through relevant and quality accredited courses. We have since grown into an education powerhouse dedicated to developing, awarding, accrediting and delivering its own internationally recognised qualifications.

“This rebranding exercise is a lot more than just a change to our name and visual identity, it’s about who we are at our core – an innovative educational institution that is constantly evolving its offering to pave the way for alternative means of learning that are in perfect harmony with the demands of industry and the changing world. It is a story of growth and change, a story about an ambitious school spearheading innovation in education. The new identity is an outward expression of all this and a better reflection of who we are as an educational institution today” — Morgan Parnis, CEO of Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS).

In addition to the growing number of courses we already offer independently and in partnership with various leading international professional bodies and schools such as ACCA and ILM, as Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS) we will also be introducing a series of new work-based learning programmes in June 2021. The new work-based learning model will be jam-packed with nine cutting-edge MBA programmes in management, HR, education, healthcare, transport, construction, sports, culture and finance.

Incorporating the work-based learning model into our education paradigm makes the Academy of Business Leaders, now Central Mediterranean School (CMBS), among the first institutions to do so in Malta. This unique education model brings industry to campus and campus to industry by balancing classroom-based learning and work-based learning to give talent the competitive edge they need to not only thrive, but also excel in the ever-changing and increasingly demanding and disruptive world of work.

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