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At CMBS, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and shape the future. We’re committed to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded industry leaders, blending academic expertise with real-world insights to create groundbreaking solutions.

We work closely with our partners to identify shared goals, pool resources, and develop innovative solutions that address industry challenges and create tangible benefits. 

We are proud to collaborate with some of the world’s most respected universities, colleges and organisations. 


Academic Partnerships

We partner with universities and colleges around the world to enrich education and provide students with enhanced opportunities.


Sites of Learning

We develop bespoke solutions that integrate learning within the workplace through tailored curricula that meets the specific needs of employers.


Industry Partnerships

We collaborate with employers and industry experts to develop study experiences that create industry and workforce-ready graduates.


Agent Partnerships

Our doors are always open to agents who wish to collaborate with us to offer their students outstanding study opportunities.

Our Worldview

We see education as a fluid and lifelong journey that is accessible to all and can give anyone who has the drive to better themselves a more fulfilling life.

Our Vision

We strive to build a brighter tomorrow and make the world a better place by creating opportunities through transformative education.

Our Purpose

We exist to inspire and empower every person on this planet to embark on a journey of personal fulfilment through professional development.

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