A step-by-step guide on how to join our live webinars

Shifting to an online learning environment may seem like a challenge at first when you’re not used to attending classes online, but there is really nothing to fear, because although virtual, the learning experience is fairly similar to that of a face-to-face class. You will receive quality tuition, and get the same level of interactivity and personalised attention that you would get in the traditional face-to-face classroom environment. The only difference is in the setup and the process of joining classes which might seem technical at first, but aren’t really cause for alarm.

Yes, you will need a basic level of skill with the web as an online student, but you do not need to be a tech whiz. If you know how to browse the internet and check emails, chances are you’re good to go. But even if you’re not – fear not, our step-by-step guide on how to join our live webinars, will have you joining and participating in online classes with 100% confidence in no time. Our online sessions take place on Microsoft Teams and can be accessed in two ways – via the app by downloading it, or online by signing in as a guest.

Option 1: The first option is to join the webinar through the Teams app directly (if you have it installed) by going to the Calendar tab within Teams, opening the meeting invitation and clicking on the ‘Join’ button.

Option 2: The second option is to join the webinar via the web (if you don’t have the Teams app installed) by selecting ‘Join Microsoft Teams’ from the invitation that is sent to your email account.

The choice is up to you, but we strongly suggest that you download/install the app since this will give you access to features which are not available on the web version of Microsoft Teams. Now that we’ve covered the options, let us go over them more thoroughly with a step-by-step guide on how to access them online and set them up for optimal use.



Accessing online classes via the Teams App (Option 1)

Step 1: Install the Teams App. The app can be installed from here: https://products.office.com/en-ww/microsoft-teams/download-app

Step 2: Find and open the meeting invite that is located in the Calendars tab within Teams itself and click on the Join button.

Step 3: Choose the audio and video settings that you want.

Step 4: Click on the Join now button to enter the webinar.


Accessing online classes via the web (Option 2)

To access classes online, you’ll need to click on the invitation that is sent to your inbox, so you need to make sure that you have access to your email account.

Step 1: Open your email account, find the Teams meeting invite and select Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Step 2: Now that the Microsoft Teams Meeting log-in page is open, you are presented with two options: to download the app or join the class via the web. Choose the latter option unless you want to install the app.

Step 3:

1) If you select to join via the web, type in your name and select Join now.

2) If you have a Teams account, select sign in to view the meeting chat and more. The sign in option is located at the very bottom of the log-in page.

Step 4: Choose the audio and video settings that you want.

Step 5: Click on the Join now button to enter the webinar. Depending on meeting settings, you’ll either join the webinar instantly, or go to a lobby where attendees can admit you.


And that is it, that’s how you access the webinars via the app and web! Check out our tutorial video above for a step-by-step visual guide on how to join a meeting and access online classes on Microsoft Teams. We are more than happy to assist you should you run into any difficulties trying to install Teams or accessing a webinar. Contact us at any time via email, social media or our website’s live chat and we will help guide you through it!

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