CMBS switches to online classes in response to COVID-19

We promised to keep you updated – so here’s the latest on CMBS’ response to the COVID-19 situation! As many of you already know, we’ve been intently and closely following reports of the COVID-19 outbreak and in an effort to limit the spread of the highly infectious disease, two weeks ago we took the responsible decision to put a halt to all our physical classes, close the CMBS premises and shift all our ongoing classes to an online environment until further notice. The safety of our students, tutors and staff is our top priority and nothing could ever come in the way of that!

Like all of you, we’ve been considering the many ways in which the present and future course of the COVID-19 outbreak has and will continue to alter our lives and the lives of our students. There’s no denying that many things have changed, but our utmost dedication to our students’ professional development and their safety will remain a constant – that much is guaranteed. We are fully committed to you and your educational advancement which is why we want to make it as safe and comfortable as possible for you to continue on your academic journey.

Albeit under unfortunate circumstances, we are glad to announce that all face-to-face courses will now be offered online until the COVID-19 situation comes to a stop. What does this mean for our students? All students who enrol for courses with CMBS this spring or summer, and possibly even autumn will receive their tuition strictly online should the COVID-19 outbreak persist. Students will receive online tuition and study remotely from the comforts of their own home. A group of extremely dedicated people has been working around the clock to ensure an online live study experience which is comprehensive, flexible and easy to use in every way.

On a different but not completely unrelated note, our Business Intelligence partners at Lobeslab recently rolled out a completely free powerful time-series visualisation dashboard which tracks and reports COVID-19 developments as they happen in Malta and across the globe. Feel free to view and use the dashboard at https://bit.ly/3aetOC2. Keeping yourselves informed is crucial to stay safe during turbulent times like these and with this dashboard in hand such information is literally just a click away.

With that said, our team will continue be at your disposal to answer any queries that you may have. Contact us at any time via email, social media, or our website’s live chat. As always, we will keep you updated and please stay safe!

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