CMBS Takes Part in Erasmus+ Training Held in Prague

CMBS International Office Head Kurt Cortis recently attended a two-day Erasmus+ training event in Prague, aimed at assisting educational institutions in enhancing their methods for creating and overseeing KA2 international projects.

Erasmus+ KA2 opportunities, known as Cooperation Partnerships, let CMBS team up with other schools in Europe to work together on projects they’re interested in. These projects allow CMBS to collaborate with renowned and distinguished universities and colleges to gain experience, exchange best practices, strengthen our capacities and develop high-quality and innovative curricula through transnational collaboration.
At CMBS’s International Office, we view these international collaboration projects as a chance to improve ourselves in different areas. These include developing more robust industry-focused courses, focusing on key areas like our work-based learning and adaptable learning models and exploring ways to use AI in higher education to bring in new ideas.

The school is currently actively involved in an Erasmus+ KA2 project named LEADER Scale-up, a project that is aimed at inspiring future business leaders. This project focuses on nurturing essential soft skills crucial for success in the professional world.

Moreover, CMBS eagerly awaits approval for three projects in which it intends to take the lead. These projects aim to enhance CMBS’s business study programmes, aligning them more closely with job market demands. This alignment aims to make it easier for graduates to transition smoothly into the workforce.

The primary goal of the International Office is to facilitate collaborative opportunities for CMBS, its students and its academic staff on an international level.

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