Erasmus+ LEADER Scale-up Project: What Have We Been Up To?

Throughout 2023, CMBS actively engaged in the Erasmus+ KA2 collaboration initiative, Erasmus+ LEADER Scale-up. Stemming from a prior project that crafted an e-learning platform and a LEADER Game mobile app focusing on refining soft skills, this ongoing endeavour unites six European partners from Malta, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

The primary aim of this project remains to fortify soft skills among learners, aligning them with the dynamic demands of the job market. Vital skills like leadership, public speaking, communication, creativity, and critical thinking hold significant value for employers, setting individuals apart in a competitive job landscape. For CMBS, this initiative stands as a cornerstone in cultivating the next generation of business leaders, arming them with the requisite skills for professional success.

At the onset of 2023, some of CMBS’s business students actively participated in a focus group to assess the LEADER Game mobile app with the aim of identifying potential improvements. The event proved successful as valuable suggestions were put forward to enhance the effectiveness and usability of the App.

CMBS also played host to the project group, hosting 11 representatives for an extensive two-day discussion, outlining pivotal next steps for the project’s evolution. Looking forward, the seven project partners will convene in Northern Sweden this December to further refine the Leader Card Game, Leader App and an already enriched E-Learning Platform in addition to other complementary tools and resources.

Eager to expand its involvement, CMBS enthusiastically awaits future Erasmus+ projects. This commitment aims to provide students with enhanced opportunities for participation in transnational initiatives, facilitating skill development and fostering an expansive international network.

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